Health and Nutrition

Clean Water

Water and Sanitation is paramount in the community, It contributes a big impact on household hygiene, personal hygiene and sanitation.

The overall objective is to improve the quality, value and extent of better provision of clean water.

Most of the communities have limited sources of clean water and the few in existence are in unreachable distances.

Poor personal and household hygiene attracts or increases the rate of infections and a number of diseases.

We therefore educate our communities about the importance of household hygiene, personal hygiene and sanitation of facilities in disadvantaged homes in the communities.

EPAFU aims at helping to improve the water and sanitation situation in the various rural settings/communities in eastern Uganda.


EPAFU extends basic food supplies to the elderly persons living in the communities and some of the supplies include; posho, rice, beans, sugar, salt and fruits that help in boosting the immune system.

EPAFU is looking forward to joining hands with individuals and communities ready to offer support towards provision of food supplies. It may be financial, in kind or both.

Annual Cost: $ 12,000

You can be part of us through donating, volunteering, sending gifts or spreading the news among others.