Livelihood and Resilience-Community Outreach

Aging comes with numerous challenges and the loss of independence is one potential part of the process, as are diminished physical ability and age discrimination.

Although some older-adults remain self-sufficient, others require assistance. Because the elderly typically no longer hold jobs and so finances can be a challenge. Therefore due to cultural misconceptions, older people can be targets of ridicule and stereotypes. The elderly face many challenges in later life, but they do not have to enter old age without dignity..

The major challenges the elderly face include

Poverty, mistreatment and abuse, discrimination and loneliness. While the elderly may face such challenges in developed countries, it is worse in third world countries where much of the population is hit by poverty, spread of diseases, mistreatment, discrimination and selfishness.

Our Efforts

EPAFU wants to provide aid, support and care for 20 old people in our community who are struggling. Among which each one of them carry a unique story. Life gets tougher when you age and worse when you feel like none cares. It is therefore our prayer that you partner with us for this special cause that these people become aware that God cares for them and recognizes their existence on earth.

  • We will repair or rebuild their homes to provide safe shelter.
  • We will seek to identify reliable economic activities for them.
  • Sensitisation and workshops

Annual Cost: $ 15,000

You can be part of us through donating, volunteering, sending gifts or spreading the news among others.